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Please Click on the Following link to read the story, There are only a few days left to raise money for Addisyn to get the puppy, before it goes home to another family.

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Addisyn (5yr old) went to her mother and ask if she could have a puppy, her mother said yes, but they could get it right now, beucase they didnt have the extra money right them to get it. Addisyn understood and both her and her mother began to save all there extra money so they could get a puppy. For the passed 6 months, Addisyn and her Mother have save ever penny they could to purchase a puppy. They were all set to get a puppy in a few weeks, they have been even working on puppy names and Addisyn was getting so excited.

On Thursday Night the only car they own, broke down, and need to be fix. and the money they had save for a puppy had to go towards the car. Addisyn understand that they had to use the money to fix the car she is still upset.

 I’m hoping you will be able to donate at least 10.00 to help me raise money for Addisyn so she can get the puppy she always dreamed off.

With just a Small amount your an help a child in need.